Monday, June 24, 2013 Infographics and Charts!

Following #iste has it's perks!:) is a tool I am going to enjoy using! Very simple.You have the option of creating infographics or charts. After you choose, you have the option of adding. You can add a chart, a map, text, a picture, or video. How cool is that?
Your work is stored in a library, so you don't have to worry about losing it.  You are able to attract followers, who can admire the great stuff you make!:) My mind is whirring thinking of the impact of this site in my classroom! How about yours?
And of course, like so many wonderful websites nowadays, you can share via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, you can embed it, or view it on the web. If you would like to download your infographic or chart, you have to come out-of-pocket.

Here's an example of a little chart I made in, literally, five minutes!


  1. I am excited about having my 3rd graders create infographics in math would love tips, trick and ideas . This will be an experiment that I have never tried before .

  2. I am too! I have never used infographics with a class before. If you learn any tips, please pass them on!:)