Sunday, March 10, 2013

SMS Generator from ClassTools!

Special thanks to Mrs. Hundley in the Edmodo Language Arts community for sharing this one!

It's a SMS generator. The students can use it to create "text" between characters, etc...
 I used characters from the Sneetches, but you can use it for whatever your heart desires.
You can save it, but make sure you remember your password.
You can click on  the choice of a unique URL address, embed (see below), link, or even a QR code. (see below).
The skies the limit on what you can do with this tool!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Padlet(Wallwisher) - Innovative Collaboration!

Happened to visit Padlet today, then saw it mentioned on the blog, Technology Tailgate. So, that was a sign to me that I should write a post about it. :)

At the end of the school year, my class and another 5th grade class we connected with via Twitter, shared our memories of 5th grade. (See above)  My class really enjoyed this! I have done created many more "walls" using Wallwisher, Padlet, have to get used to the new name.
  • Open House - a place for parents to post any concerns or questions
  • Questions about a story we read
  • Reaching out to my PLN for ideas
  • Collaborating with other teachers
I'm sure you could think of a thousand other ways you can use this resource! They have also had some very cool updates since the last time I was on. Sharing the wall is much more intense. Besides embedding, you can FB, Pin it, Tweet it, use Google +, whatever your heart desires.

Check it out!