Saturday, February 25, 2012

ZITE: Personalized Magazine for Iphone and TouchPad

This is a wonderful app and it's available for Iphone and Touchpad. It's just what is says, a personalized magazine. They "evaluate millions of news stories a day". You let them know what you like, and they take it from there. It allows you to say whether or not you liked an article. You can add your own recommendations.
You know how sometimes you have a magazine, you leaf through i,t and you put it down?  Zite is made based on the information you want, so the chance of that happening is at a minimum.
Of course, the topics I have chose are teaching, education, tech in the classroom, etc... I find myself tweeting most of the articles they provide.  The cool part is that many of the articles are written by educators whose work I am familiar with.
I try to read Zite at least once a week, and I have not been disappointed yet!


I like the sound of this app, Beat Blaster.It reminds me of the boomboxes people used to carry. How technology has changed, huh?
I use my Ipad in the classroom.  One thing that bothered me were the speakers, because they really don't project across the room.  I had priced some of the speakers I could use with my Ipad, but did not want to spend that kind of money on something I was just going to use in my classroom.  I was also worried about remembering to put it away everyday.
Yesterday, I read about the app Beatblaster on Zite.  I loved it! It turns your Ipad into a hi-fi music system, and you can use your Iphone as a remote. I uploaded it, and it is wonderful. Simple to use and the sound is fantastic!
I am sure you can think of many situations where you can use this in your classroom. Now when I play "Waka,Waka" by Shakira to let my students know it's time to pack up, we can all hear it loud and clear!