Saturday, April 7, 2012

InstaGrok:An Education Search Engine!

This site is so cool! InstaGrok (How did they choose that name?) via a RT by Rina via Edudemic. It is a search engine for educators. You input what you are looking for, (I already signed up), and it gives you a graphic organizer of information AND a journal. key facts, websites, videos, images, quizzes on the information you requested, and concepts. Get this! It even has a section for Student Groks! I haven't finished playing with it, but I wanted to share it!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Techtastic" Resources!

If you are a Pinterest fan like I am, then you will love this site, Url2pin,it!  Have you ever tried to pin a site, and a message appears, "No images for this site"? And you get really frustrated because you really, really, wanted to Pin this site. Well, grumble no more! I have already pinned a number of sites to my Pinterest ! It does work! (via Larry Ferlazzo)

I also wanted to mention two sites that I have come to rely on heavily.
One is Dropbox, I don't know how I ever did without it. I don't even carry a flash drive anymore, thanks to Dropbox. It's just what it says, it's  a box you can drop your files in. The best part, you can pick them up from wherever you have Internet access. An educator's dream!!! Think about it, how many times have you created something at work, and wished you had bought it home? You can share files in your box with others by inviting them to your Dropbox. There is an app for this! Try it, you'll like it!

The other one is Evernote. LOVE it!  They say it the best. Remember Everything. Capture Anything. Access it Anywhere. Find things fast. So, you come across this website about Ipad Apps and you want to make sure you get a chance to read it, even though you won't be back on the computer for hours. You can clip the page or the URL and save it in your Evernote account.  Your account is web-based, so you can see your information anywhere you have Internet access.  PLN(Professional Learning Network) if you like.There is an app for this! Another tool I don't know how I did without!

Isn't technology amazing?!