Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Narrable: Bring Your Photos to Life!

Here's an example of a Narrable. Wow! I am loving this!

Heard about Narrable from Technology Tidbits:Thoughts of a Cyber Hero who got it from Free Technology for Teachers.  The point is, is that it is very cool! Their advertisements states, "Bring Your Photos to Life".  I was watching one of the Narrables, love that name, where they put together a collage of wedding photos. The bride, groom, mom, even the dog did a voice over to go along with the photos. I love the fact that you can embed them, share them on Facebook, or email them.

The opportunities in the classroom are endless!  I emailed the Support team and they are going to have a Google Hangout to discuss the possibilities in the classroom. Can't wait!

You get 5 free Narrables on the free plan. If you pay $5 a month, you have access to unlimited Narrables, view any public Narrables, and share Narrables with anyone.

Great resource!