Saturday, June 22, 2013

121Writing and " A Google a Day" Challenges! Help with Writing and Searching!

121Writing:  As I was perusing the tweets on #iste13, this app caught my eye. Apparently it used to be called Learnly (found this out on the FreeTech4Teacher's site). I wish I had heard of it sooner. It would have saved me a lot of typing this past year.
It is a voice comment app.It is very simple to use, and I will be using it often in the upcoming school year.It will make it easier for  me to "conference" with my students, even when we are not face to face. I am sure it will be easier for them to revise/edit their work when listening to my voice and seeing what I have highlighted. Looking forward to implementing 121Writing in 2013- 2014!

"A Google a Day" Challenges   Culture, geography, History Science. These are the key concepts covered in the "A Google a Day" Challenge. I think this is an excellent way to start the morning or end the day.
Google's lessons are set up as a presentation. It has the category, question, things to think about as you get started,the answer and how to search for it, and background discussion of the topic. If you are trying to teach your students how to search effectively, and you are squeezed for time, the "Google a Day" Challenges is a perfect way to do it!

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