Monday, June 18, 2012

Class Dojo-Behavior Management That Works!

ClassDojo worked, and it worked all year! Another good sign, I used it the entire school year! Whether I used it on my smartphone, standing at the door, my laptop, desktop, or just let students put their own points on the Smartboard, it worked!

You can create your own list of behaviors, positive or negative. When you award a point, it makes a distinctive sound.
"Dojos", as they became affectionately known, were worth their weight in gold in my classroom. :)
The students are able to choose their own avatars. (Point system works great with this option.)
The video above gives a basic explanation, but new features were added throughout the year.
The students were given codes to access their accounts online, this  made them invested in their behavior.
("Wow, look at how many Dojos I got for "Working quietly!", as they read their pie graph)

You are able to email reports to the parents. I was also able to print an End of the Year performance charts for each student.  The kids were begging me to print the reports at the end of the year.
I would begin the school year with this. I presented this at a meeting in my school. Days later, the most reluctant teacher was using it, it is really that simple!

I used positive behaviors the most with my class last year, and gave out a prize from Five Below to the student with the most points. But teachers use what is best for them.

The customer support is stupendous!They are on Twitter @ClassDojo. If you are a member of Edmodo, they have a ClassDojo community, so any questions you have can be answered immediately.

All I know is that it will be on my Smartboard again next year!


  1. Lisa - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for your great blog post - we're really happy we've been able to work with you this year. Thank you for all the feedback and support!

    If anyone who comes across this post has any questions for us or needs help getting set up, please don't hesitate to reach out at :)


  2. It has been a pleasure! Looking forward to using it in 2012-2013! Will make sure I take advantage of all the new features!