Saturday, February 25, 2012


I like the sound of this app, Beat Blaster.It reminds me of the boomboxes people used to carry. How technology has changed, huh?
I use my Ipad in the classroom.  One thing that bothered me were the speakers, because they really don't project across the room.  I had priced some of the speakers I could use with my Ipad, but did not want to spend that kind of money on something I was just going to use in my classroom.  I was also worried about remembering to put it away everyday.
Yesterday, I read about the app Beatblaster on Zite.  I loved it! It turns your Ipad into a hi-fi music system, and you can use your Iphone as a remote. I uploaded it, and it is wonderful. Simple to use and the sound is fantastic!
I am sure you can think of many situations where you can use this in your classroom. Now when I play "Waka,Waka" by Shakira to let my students know it's time to pack up, we can all hear it loud and clear!

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