Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tech Tools and Resources #3

Hey all! Here are a few tech tools and resources I felt I had to share!

TweenTribune - News for kids 8-15 . I used this a lot the year before last. I barely used it last year, but I think it had something to do with that group I had. But, I love it.  The kids sign up, read current articles in every subject, and comment. They have added a component so that parents can participate.

ScoopIt - Be the curator of your favorite topic! I started one on Ipads in education. It is very simple to use.You can gather your own resources or the site will make suggestions for you. The result is an interactive gathering of resources on one topic that you can share!

WatchKnowLearn - I use this site a lot because YouTube is blocked in my school. WatchKnow Learn offers FREE Educational videos on every subject imaginable. You can set up user accounts, set up a classroom, and save your videos. The great part is you can watch approved Youtube videos from this site!

Embed YouTube into Word(HP Teacher Exchange) I can find ways to use this idea. If you watch this video on Teacher experience Exchange, it may seem a bit much, but I think it's worth it. Also, once you've done it a few times, it will probably become second nature.

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